Brainstorming to Book Sales Group Coaching Program

Thank you for your interest in the Brainstorming to Book Sales Group Coaching Program! This is our pilot group coaching program, and we're excited to help you get your book written and published!

We have helped many authors already, but they have all been 1-1 coaching clients. In this group setting, we are looking forward to helping more authors as once, as well as giving each of you the added benefit of seeing you are not alone in the process.

Before we dive into all the wonderful benefits of this program, we want to remind you that this isn't for everyone! Who is it not for?

If you are already writing and publishing your own books successfully, then this program is not for you.

So, who is this program for?

  • If you find yourself struggling to get started writing...
  • If you are overwhelmed by all of the publishing options available to you...
  • If you worry about how you are going to get book sales...
  • If you think the process is all entirely too technically difficult...

...Then this IS for you!

My commitment to you is that if YOU will commit to the process, then at the end of our 90 days together, you will:

  • Know how to publish your book
  • Have chosen your publishing platform
  • Have an editor/formatter for your book
  • Have a book cover
  • Have a book launch planned
  • Have a one-year marketing plan in place
  • Oh! And have your book written, or at least be well on your way to having your book written!

Did I mention that as a pilot participant, this is all at NO COST to you?

By now, you're probably wondering what the process will look like.

Each week, there will be a Zoom video conference meeting scheduled. Those meetings will include:

  • Accountability check-ins
  • Q&A session
  • Dealing with writer's block issues
  • Brainstorming Hot Seat
  • Lessons in Publishing
  • Lessons in How to Have a Successful Book Launch
  • Lessons in Ongoing Marketing to Keep Your Book Selling After the Launch

I will also share with you my connections for Editors, Formatters, and Cover Designers.

If it sounds like a whole lot is going to be covered, that's because it is! However, there are some things that I will not be doing, such as:

  • I will not write your book for you. (Trust me on this - you're much better off doing it yourself!)
  • Create the cover for you. (I have people, and I'll willingly share contacts. You deserve better than a simple crayon drawing!)
  • Guarantee book sales. You want the sales, you gotta put in the work!
  • Guarantee any work done by 3rd parties.
  • Publish, edit or format for you - unless you hire me to do so. But again, I have people and am happy to share! However, if you're going to hire someone, it may as well be Yours Truly, right?!

My ultimate plan here is to hold you accountable so your book finally gets written and to teach you how to publish and market it yourself. Your story is so unbelievably worth sharing, and if there is even ONE person out there who could possibly benefit from it - even if that one person is YOU - then I want to do all I can to make that happen for you.

If you're ready to begin your book, and make it happen, register today! I'm only accepting up to 10 people for this pilot program at no cost, so register soon!

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Will meetings be recorded?

Yes. For this program, meetings will be recorded and emailed each week to all participants to ensure all lessons are received. However, without attending the live Zoom meeting, you will miss out on any individual questions and attention.

Do I have to agree to finish writing my book within 90 days in order to participate?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to get you as close to finished as possible, but it is not a requirement.

I've already published a book, can I join?

Yes, you can. So long as you feel you will get something from participating. If you already feel you are successful with your books, then we ask that you leave a spot open for someone who is still trying to figure it all out. We will be offering paid group coaching at a later day, and that would most likely be a better fit for you.

I don't have access to Zoom. Can I still participate?

Unfortunately, no. Having access to Zoom (it is a free download on pretty much any device - phone, tablet, laptop, etc) is a requirement.

What if I'm writing fiction?

Fiction authors are welcome, however, some aspects of the lessons may not apply to you.

I really only want an e-book. Will this still work for me?

If it's an e-book that you plan on publishing and marketing, then absolutely!