Book Launch

Achieve Actual Transformation

As an author, you plan on seeing your book sell. Yet, no one ever shows you or teaches you how to make that happen. You read about book launches, you read about how to do a book signing – but no one actually teaches you. What if someone DID teach you? Rather than just tell…

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You CAN Sell Books!

You may already know this, but I’ve been spending the better part of the past couple years developing an online workshop series that is going to take the mystery out of how to get your book selling. You wrote your book. You had the perfect cover created. You published your book. Then watched…and waited…and not…

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8 Steps to a Successful Book Launch

Launching your book and reaching best-seller status does not have to be hard. But it IS work! Many authors spend months and even years writing their books. Perfecting every sentence, developing the story and characters. Hiring an editor. Working to get the just-right book cover. They go through the pains of getting the book published.…

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