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Is It Taking Too Long?

You have a wonderful idea for a book. You know you want to write it. You know you CAN write it. So, what’s the problem? Time. Where are you going to find the time to write? Do you really want to commit to a year or more – just on the writing process? You go…

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Your book is NOT for Everyone

In working with authors, I often ask the question: Who are you writing your book for? The answer is invariably “everyone”. At this point, I make myself take a deep breath, and think of the most kind way to respond without rudely blurting out “YOU’RE WRONG!”. You may be wondering why this is such a…

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Glad to Be Back!

So, it’s been a bit since I last visited your inbox. I’ve certainly missed you! The reason is no excuse, really, but I’ve been very busy making things even better for you. I will keep this post short at sweet. Here are a few things to check out: My Facebook group, From Brainstorming to Book…

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