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Share and Share Alike!

Sharing and giving can be the easiest way to grow! When it comes to increasing your book sales, you can absolutely leverage the idea of sharing. We have already discussed following other bloggers and authors and liking their fan pages. Now, we can take it one step further! Guest blogging and sharing posts are excellent…

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5 Tips for Successful Interviews

In a previous article, I discussed connecting with bloggers and authors through their blogs and fan pages. Connecting is great and can lead to wonderful opportunities! Now, we will talk about leveraging those relationships and getting interviews. For those not inclined to be on radio or TV, written interviews work, too! Especially with local newspaper,…

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6 Benefits of Connecting

A scarcity mentality is probably one of the best ways to ensure failure. That sounds pretty glum, but it’s also very true. So many people, authors included, tend to hold their ideas close so as to hopefully edge out the competition. In fact, the opposite couldn’t be more true! Connecting with others who are in…

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