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What's In a Name?

You have your book and now you’re ready to tell the world about it! Whether you’re just starting to write and sharing the entire journey; or you’re published and ready to market – you’ve decided that it’s time to set up your social media and begin growing your following. So, how do you get started?…

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Do You Travel Without a Map?

Ok, a map may be a little outdated, but I bet you at least have your destination plugged into your GPS device, right? Is it possible to travel without directions? Absolutely! But, typically, it takes much longer, you encounter a lot of detours, and what should have been a pleasurable trip becomes nothing short of…

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What Will YOU Do in 2016?

Resolutions. Goals. Fresh starts. New you! Whatever you call it, everyone always sees January as a time to start over. I’ve never really understood the urgency of January 1. I mean, each morning that you wake up, you have the opportunity to have a fresh start. Hell, every minute of each day you have that…

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